About Us

Now days Internet Service is everywhere, we as enthusiasm young Team we have come with an Idea to connect People all around world by providing Web TV system.

MaxTv Platform has been established since March 2020 by A Young Team, Our goal was to create an alternative to traditional, dish-based TV broadcasting, so we have built Web TV System which everybody can easily watch on their mobile from everywhere.

All IPTVs has been collected from internet that avialable for free , if you owner of a TV channel or you have copyright issue please contact us.

MaxTV Website has a lot off features, you can register and make a favorite channels, Also you can comment to those channels that have issue.

At moment our App for Android and IOS is Available , we are working for Windows and MacOS soon it will be also available.

If there is an issue with any channel please inform us by click on Report button

with maxtvs world is much closer :)